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Right now the Engagement is off because of major problems. But today he told me that if we can get help we can marry OCT 2014 I need a mantra to help me speed this process. Pllzzzz help me The recording is so fast I have tried and tried !!! Thanks Namaste guruji My friend love a guy and he also love her but my friend's father is not ready for this relation because both are different caste. I was born in Callao Lima Perú at 16.20 hrs Namaste Would you please write back to my email Hi Guru Ji, My parents are searching matchs for me but even one match is not suitable for me why marriage is getting delayed for me . Is it possible to sort things out and go ahead with the proposal. he also luv me but as he is angajed he is talking with me as frd.suggest right directions to me guruji..guruji i luv one person so truely n m doing om gauripati mahadevay mantra daily 11 rosary..i feel very strongly for him n i think he is my soulmate and we also lyk eachother but he was angajed in his childhood n also talks with her as future husband as she is his parents choice but something is their which attracts us to each other.i hve him as my husband in future? she also love me but we cant marry without our parent's permission. We got 6 months to know each other before the dates were going to be fixed. We hang out together and spend most of the time with each other.How long should I do this mantra , how many days Etc. Here is i am mentioning my astro Name : Leela Kumari , DOB: , Time: AM , Place : Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh , India. So please suggest me any sadhna or pooja to get that as my wife with all agreement. I feel he was a perfect match for me as we connected with each other well. Recently, he has started ignoring me giving away the reason that we are not meant for each other, so it's better we stay apart but it's very difficult for me to live without him for a single day.And he too loves me but nowadays he is not showing interest on me saying that it will never happen. What shall i do to compromise both and to marry that guy pls suggest me I have been married for 3 years and my husband fights and abuses me alot. I want to marry with my boyfriend,but i think his parents will not accept me and he got so many problems in his career too. He is telling me to tolerate for him but he couldn't think about the answers to our problems. I fought with him on this matter and he was very angry with me. I love a girl n she too love me a lot and want to get married soon. We both get engaged sepratly and marriage is fixed in November, but we want to marry each other only as we love a lot. Hello Guruji I am born on 25th mar 1977 and still single, recently i met a guy only once and i fell in love with him and he also loves me. His love maariage turned into a divorce previoussly.He doesnt care if I have not eaten anything from 3 days. Please tell me some easy mantra for improvement in married life. Therefore please help me to marry him with our parents bless. Now I don't know if he is in a new relationship or not. But his dad is not agreeing for this marriage as we are of different caste and now the boy is also not speaking to me properly. Sir I am a boy my detail is dob time 10 :25 am place of birth is Calcutta... she always talk with me she has Jupiter darakaraka and my darakaraka is sun my Uranus conjunction it's Venus indicated love at first sight and past life connection please tell me sir my love marriage is possible in future? my dob: ,pm, keralaok..thank u guruji is vichitra vashikaran mantra a black magic? So, this time he wants his family to take decisions for his marriage.In other cases, you will get married with what you deserve best as a husband.Click Here To Listen The Mahadev Mantra By Guru ji Some Useful Links Mantra For a Beautiful Bride Krishna Shabar Mantra For Quick Marriage Shiv Gauri Mantra For Marriage & Marital Happiness Narayani Mantra For Marriage My parents are searching a groom for me.

Marriage is an exciting prospect for couples in love, but it can also seem overwhelming and intimidating.but due to some misunderstandings between both sides, marriage is called off. Pls provide me some easy mantra that will make him mine forever and he will come to me with marriage proposal.I stay with family, so can't let them know about the mantr Ok..thanks... I am in a relation with a guy from a different religion.1)where to put the name of desired person want to marry? Sir i hv mailed to guruji n he suggested me to prform vichitra vashikaran mantra for my ex.kindly i wud lyk to ask u dat shud i wait for him to he get rdy for marriage on his own aftr vichitra vashikaran or eithr i need to do this mahadev mantra sadhna for him to get him as a desired shud i first complete vichitra vashikaran sadhna n let him come first nd then prform this mahadev sadhna or shud i do both i cant get married to anyone he dsnt guide me wat shud i do.m really cnfused n tensed. Hi What If I am married i did a court marriage and the guys family did black magic on him to take him away from me and now i am stuck the guy wants divorce but i gave my heart and soul to marry this guy to his family it is like try out the gal if good she will give you a visa but because of bad phase i was not able to support him for that they just walked out on me.I dont want divorce and we were suppose to get a proper hindu wedding in dec. Each & every second, i thinking about him,like a mad... there are so many mantras.which one (mantra) is suitable for my problem... OK sir pls lemme know as i m reciting it from few days nd wud like to know that if its also used for the same purpose then shud i continue that or either switch to mahadev mantra. Hi, I love a guy n he love me but we are from diffrent religion , my parents are oping for marraige n want me to marry guy of their choice but I can't , and he is ready to take any stand for me,,, pls suggest Respected sir, I am in love with a girl and that girl is also in love with me.

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exit from one problem and second problem is waiting by both arms open dumped by one girl financially totally loss lost home also jobless homeless always a big problem for mother please help me a solution I met a person and I liked his attitude, Eric so thought of marrying him. Please help me in returning that relationship for ending up in our marriage with the blessing of the parents. please suggest me best remedy Greetings .marriage was fixed with a guy. We got 6 months to know each other before the dates were going to be fixed. but due to some misunderstandings between both sides, marriage is called off. He seems to be strongly determined on his decisions.

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