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Collins' coming-out landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated, a sit-down Collins' family interview with Oprah, and a phone call from President Obama to Collins."In our league, [being gay] is not that big of a deal, whereas, for men, there might be some homophobia or some lack of open mindedness to embrace [gay players,]" said veteran WNBA player Ruth Riley, who played at Notre Dame before turning pro and is in her second season with the Chicago Sky, her 13th overall in the WNBA."I think it's huge when you have people like President Obama and Kobe Bryant supporting Jason.They are world famous, and to support someone like Jason for coming out, I think it helps limit close mindedness." Playing with and against gay players is not at issue to Murphy—at all.

"I think it's good for Jason to now feel free, to be who he is." Cash said locker room talk is mostly sport-related, or about current events, such as the three women rescued in Cleveland—not about a teammate's sexual orientation.I think our country is built on the fact that we're a melting pot." Both Collins and Griner will have lasting impact on the younger generation, many Sky players said.Griner, for instance, has an endorsement deal with Nike, which wasn't affected at all by her coming-out.because it is a woman, and I guess it's just accepted more." Sylvia Fowles has been an All-Star in the WNBA and was an Olympic gold medal winner. "My thing is, you are who you are—and people just have to deal with it," Fowles said."I don't feel people should have to hide who they are, and we should love them for who they are, and then make them feel comfortable.

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