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button, save them to a text, HTML, or comma-separated-values (CSV) file by clicking Save..., or copy one or more of the suggestions to the Windows clipboard (to paste into an e-mail, for example) by clicking with the secondary mouse button and selecting Copy One Result or Copy All Results.When you are happy with the Moto Wizard's suggestions, select one (click on it with the mouse), and then click the Accept button.You can then use the rest of Moto Calc to investigate one or more of the suggestions in detail, and then use Moto Calc's Mot Opinion feature to get a plain-English analysis telling you how the power system, and your plane, will perform.If you are a bit more experienced, and know some of the components you want to use to power your model (for example, a particular motor or battery), you can tell the Moto Wizard this and it will try to choose a suitable power system using those components.The Moto Calc Workbench Specifying Motor Information Specifying Battery Information Specifying a Drive System Specifying a Speed Control Specifying Airframe Information Specifying Restrictions Options What is a Database Browser?

A copy can also be found on the Moto Calc web site at If you don't wish to print it on your own printer, it can be printed at most copy shops.

This will fill in the Moto Calc Workbench window with settings corresponding to the selected suggestion.

At this point, you can modify any of the parameters that you wish.

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