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But there are overtones of the classic dark style used in the famed 1960 Hitchcock thriller."I did a lot of research on film noir, the whole background of the black-and-white detective films,” explains Prudhomme, who scored an Oscar nom in 2009 for her work on Terry Gilliam'ss.“I wanted to create a kind of timeless progression of Norma’s style, taken from the '30s, '40s, '50s and '60’s, a melting pot of all these periods.

But she also wears a smattering of upwardly accessible labels including J Brand, James Perse, J. Pay attention to the shirt Norma wears when she’s ripping up blood-stained carpets. In the season premiere, Norman looks like he’s straight out of in his dorky blue, red and white striped short-sleeved T-shirt and his preppy crew-neck sweaters.My goal was to express all these sides of her.” "For instance, when we first see Norma arrive at the hotel, she is starting a new life.She’s playing the mommy who makes breakfast every morning; she’s very optimistic and upbeat." She wears a blue and white dress, designed by Prudhomme, with a pale blue sweater."It’s very soft and feminine and it's a traditional French pattern as if to say, ' Here is your castle, Norman.'" Later Norman briefly sees his mother undressing in the upstairs bedroom window as he carries boxes from the car, a nod to the original Alfred Hitchcock film in which her corpse is eerily glimpsed from the same viewpoint.Norma makes a special dinner, setting a fancy table with flowers and candles.

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  1. But more often than not, those men, the elusive unicorns of the dating scene, are dating younger, not-so-powerful women. Bar Refaeli recently complained to Conan O’Brien, “Let’s put it out there.