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Venue: Food Junction, #05-07, One Raffles Place Date : Sat , 1400 – 1700 hrs. We are far from a world in which all births result from intended pregnancies.The key obstacles are religious, cultural, and political opposition to contraception or the possibility of population decline.More research and a public better educated about sexuality and reproduction could engender a global social movement that would make possible a world of intended pregnancies and births.Education and improved health for women and access to contraception are vital.Smaller families are healthier families and improve the prospects of each generation."We have what it takes to make a difference," Osotimehin said, referring to the advances in global communications and medical science since 1994, when the world adopted the ICPD Programme of Action to empower women to claim their reproductive rights.The conference aims at building on past commitments made in the first ICPD conference held in Cairo, Egypt in 1994.

It is not expensive to help all women to be in fully control of the timing and frequency of their childbearing.Before, we didn't know how to control pregnancy, we didn't have the education, and people in the area were having nine or ten children.We have 18 families and no one has more than three children.It is estimated that 215 million women in developing countries are sexually active, but don't want to become pregnant; in other words, they have an unmet need for family planning.For various reasons they are not using contraception.

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Babatunde Osotimehin, executive director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said 250 million women around the world do not have access to much-needed family planning services.

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