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Jamal tried to convince Ryan to hide his sexuality from Lucious too, leading to a conversation about growing up gay with an African-American father and living in the truth, yada yada yadda.Theirs was a situation of pure convenience and pretty dull at that, until Jamal's (suspected) baby with Olivia interrupted their flow and Ryan peace'd out instead of wanting to play papa. Warren Hall, the Mole Not only a bad choice, but also dangerous.

Gray), certainly outdoes Jamal in his love of bedazzling and drama, and Jamal really isn't the "yaass queen," type.Might get ridiculous at times-this girl sleeps with this guys brother, brother kills him, son hates him so he sleeps with his mother.Typical chick flick- but does its job as a drama series well.Which is fine: Ryan was way too serious for the upbeat Jamal. Jamal met Warren (Terrell Carter) because Warren was tasked with infiltrating the Lyon pride by Diana Du Bois (Phylicia Rashad), his aunt and Cookie's nemesis. D-Major, the Champion F--boy Closeted music producer Derek "D-Major" (Tobias Truvillion) was kind of a scumbag, at least initially; he, like most of Jamal's questionable romantic choices, was a total opportunist, slithering his way into Jamal's life through work when he served as the American Sound Awards' musical director.Now, Warren is undeniably fine, but he's also inherently problematic. D-Major is 's way of commenting on the whole "DL brother" cultural phenomenon, and it's totally appropriate to have mixed feelings about that. Philip (Juan Antonio), who ran a PTSD support group, helped Jamal through a rough patch and held his hand (as well as other parts) on the journey to healing.

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