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With a BSc honours degree in journalism and media studies, Ray aspires to become a media mogul.Ghana Home Page - Breaking News, Business, Sports, Entertainment and Video News Home Radio TV Ghana Contact Login Login Forgot Password New User ! FEATURED STORY Too Much “greedy Corruption” In Ghana – Jon Benjamin... Ray Ndlovu has been a correspondent for the Mail & Guardian in Zimbabwe since 2009.His areas of interest include politics and business.Commentators said medical science cannot intervene as it would mean cutting off the man’s penis and could endanger the lives of both of them. Sources said police rung up the woman’s husband last night but had not indicated when he would arrive in Harare, instead saying he was busy at work and needed to apply for an annual leave from his employers first, a process that can take days.Police and eyewitnesses said the man who remains stuck to the woman is a local businessman and has been pleading for help promising to pay large sums of money to anyone who could unbolt him from the married woman. Sources claim that word reached the woman’s husband in South Africa that she was being unfaithful to him.

At the time of going to Press, the couple had been stuck for 48 hours.Of course, some people will also make sure the more undesirable aspects of their personality remain under wraps on the internet, but there is nowhere to hide on a real-life date, which can again lead to disappointment.A judgement call will have to be made at some point, so while it is worth finding out plenty about a potential partner online, eventually Britons will have to bite the bullet and meet up in order to assess somebody effectively.It is said the man then came down to Zimbabwe recently and sought a traditional healer to provide him with “mubobobo” a common Shona traditional muti to trap an unfaithful wife.Usually, to be unbolted the husband demands a herd of up to five cows.

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